Acurel E Water Clarifier – 150 ml



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Acurel E is a pond water treatment product that has been used for over 45 years to keep pond water crystal clear and combat various water quality issues.


To use: 

Shake Well 
Pour the measured dose using our simple measuring tool on the side of the bottle. 
OR calculate 1 teaspoon (5 ml) for every 50 gallons 
or  1 tablespoon (15ml) for every 150 gallons. 
Clean your filter at least once within the first 24 hours of administering Acurel E. 
If needed, re-dose after 24 hours. Remember to clean the filter regularly. 




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Acurel E Water Clarifier – 150 ml


Acurel E is a pond water treatment product that has been used for over 45 years to keep pond water crystal clear and combat various water quality issues. Here are some key features and benefits of Acurel E:


Crystal Clear Water: Acurel E is designed to quickly and effectively clear cloudy, green, murky, and polluted pond water, restoring it to a sparkling, clear state.

Improves Filter Efficiency: The product helps contaminants in the water to clump together, making it easier for your filter or skimmer to remove them from the water. This improves the overall efficiency of your filtration system.

Combats Overfeeding Effects: Overfeeding in ponds can lead to an excess of organic matter that contributes to water cloudiness and pollution. Acurel E helps to address the harmful effects of overfeeding by clearing up the water.

Safe for Fish and Plants: Acurel E is specifically formulated to be safe for freshwater fish, plants, and other aquatic animals, ensuring it won’t harm the pond’s ecosystem.

Made from Organic Extracts: The product is made from organic extracts sourced from renewable natural resources, making it an environmentally friendly option for pond treatment.

Does Not Affect Beneficial Bacteria: Acurel E is designed in a way that it does not harm beneficial nitrifying bacteria, which play a crucial role in the biological filtration of ponds.

Multiple Sizes Available: Acurel E comes in four different sizes, allowing pond owners to choose the appropriate quantity based on their pond’s size, with the largest size being suitable for ponds up to 19,000 gallons.

100% Made in the U.S.A.: Acurel E proudly claims to be manufactured entirely in the United States.

Suitable for Non-Filtered Ponds: While it’s recommended to use Acurel E with a pump and filter system for optimal performance, it can still effectively clarify water in non-filtered ponds. In such cases, the pond owner would need to manually remove the clumps of contaminants using a skimmer net.



Overall, Acurel E offers an efficient and safe solution for pond keepers who want to maintain crystal-clear water and a healthy pond environment. Its long history of use and positive reputation among professionals make it a popular choice for pond maintenance.



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