Acurel Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets – 100 Oz.



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Use in fresh and saltwater aquariums and ponds.

Each jar of our Extreme Carbon has a convenient flip-up handle.






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Acurel Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets – 100 Oz.


Acurel Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets are designed to effectively clear aquarium water of harmful organic substances, discoloration, and unpleasant odors. This product is specifically created for aquarium filtration systems and is known to be highly efficient in removing toxic substances and pollutants from the water.

The manufacturer claims that their Extreme Carbon has undergone laboratory tests, which have shown it to be three times more effective than other filter carbons available on the market. This makes it a preferred choice among professionals who maintain aquariums and aquatic environments.

One of the key features of these pellets is their large pores, which enable them to absorb and retain a higher amount of contaminants. This attribute is crucial in achieving an extreme level of removal of various chemical and organic impurities and toxins present in the water.

For aquarium enthusiasts and keepers, using Acurel Extreme Activated Carbon Pellets can contribute significantly to maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium. As with any aquarium products, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage and replacement to ensure optimal performance.



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