Zoo Med Can O’ Cockroaches – 1.2 Oz



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Ideal for medium to large reptiles and amphibians
Favorite food source for many reptiles!
Good source of protein and energy
Great for stimulating the appetite
1-inch average length




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Zoo Med Can O’ Cockroaches – 1.2 Oz


Zoo Med Can O’ Cockroaches is a canned food intended for medium to large reptiles and amphibians. The product is marketed as an ideal food source for these animals and is a favorite among many reptiles.


This product offers several benefits:

Ideal for Medium to Large Reptiles and Amphibians: The product is designed to be suitable for reptiles and amphibians that fall within the medium to large size range.

Good Source of Protein and Energy: Cockroaches are generally rich in protein and can provide a good source of energy for reptiles and amphibians.

Stimulates Appetite: The product is said to be effective in stimulating the appetite of reptiles and amphibians, which can be helpful if the animals are not eating as much as they should.

1 Inch Average Length: The cockroaches included in the product are approximately 1 inch in length on average. This size might be appropriate for the target reptiles and amphibians to consume comfortably.


Keep in mind that different species of reptiles and amphibians have varied dietary requirements, so it’s important to ensure that the product aligns with the specific dietary needs of the animals you’re feeding. Always research the nutritional needs of your pets and consult with a veterinarian or a herpetologist if you’re unsure about their diet.


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