Catit PIXI Smart Feeder



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Tired of your cat’s feeding routine?

The Catit Pixi Smart Feeder will serve your cat the right amount of food, at exactly the right time. Even when you’re not at home or prefer to stay in bed just a little longer.




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Catit PIXI Smart Feeder


The Catit PIXI Smart Feeder is a convenient and technologically advanced solution for pet parents who want to ensure their cats receive timely and portioned meals, even when they are not at home. This smart feeder is designed to appeal to a cat’s natural instinct to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, which can help reduce the risk of binge eating and promote healthier eating habits.

The feeder comes with a mobile app that allows pet parents to easily schedule regular feedings without any fail or delay. Through the app, you can set custom meal sizes to ensure your cat receives the appropriate portion for each feeding. This feature can be particularly useful for cats with specific dietary needs or weight management requirements.

With the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder, you have the flexibility to choose between scheduled feeding times or manually dispensing food at the press of a button. This means that even if your schedule changes or you need to provide an extra meal for your cat, you can do so easily through the app.

In addition to scheduling and portion control, the feeder also provides monitoring capabilities. Through the app, you can keep track of your cat’s food intake and ensure they are eating as they should be. This feature can be helpful for monitoring your cat’s overall health and detecting any changes in their eating habits.

Overall, the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder offers convenience, control, and peace of mind for pet parents, allowing them to provide their cats with regular and appropriate meals even when they are not physically present.




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