Zoo Med Creatures Creaturetherm Heater – 4 Watts



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4-watt energy-efficient heater.
Designed for use with glass terrariums.
Helps maintain proper temperatures.
Complete instructions enclosed.





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Zoo Med Creatures Creaturetherm Heater – 4 Watts


The Zoo Med Creatures Creaturetherm Heater is a 4-watt energy-efficient heater designed for use with glass terrariums. This heater is intended to help maintain proper temperatures within the terrarium to create a suitable environment for the creatures or animals residing within.

The fact that it’s energy-efficient suggests that it’s designed to use minimal electricity while effectively providing the necessary heat. This can be important for maintaining a stable temperature without causing undue strain on your energy consumption.

The complete instructions are enclosed so it’s a good practice to carefully follow those instructions to ensure the safe and effective use of the heater. This might include information on where to place the heater within the terrarium, how to adjust the temperature settings (if applicable), and any safety precautions you should take.

Remember, when using any kind of heater or electrical equipment in a terrarium or any enclosure with living organisms, safety is a top priority. Monitoring the temperature closely and ensuring that it remains within the appropriate range for your specific creatures is essential for their well-being.


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