Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food – 8 oz



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Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food – 8 oz


Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food is an 8 oz product designed to provide nutrition for crested geckos. It comes in two flavors to cater to the gecko’s taste preferences. This food is formulated to offer the necessary nutrients for the gecko’s overall health. It can be served either dry or wet, depending on the gecko’s preferences.

The product has been reformulated using the latest information and techniques from nutritional science. This indicates that the formulation has been updated to ensure it meets the gecko’s dietary requirements based on current scientific knowledge.

Additionally, the food is said to contain probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can support digestive health and enhance nutrient absorption in animals. Including probiotics in the gecko food suggests an emphasis on maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Overall, Zoo Med Crested Gecko Food aims to provide a balanced diet for crested geckos, taking into account their nutritional needs and taste preferences while incorporating the benefits of probiotics.



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