Dogit Training Pads – Medium – 100 Pack



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Helps make housetraining less of a chore 
Makes clean ups easier
Great for housebreaking puppies 
Also ideal for dogs at all life stages, including older or incontinent canines 
Fast-drying surface
QUICK DRY Technology: traps liquids; turns them into gel within minutes 
5 layers of superior leak-proof absorbency 
With powerful attractant & odor neutralizer
For indoor and outdoor use 
Can also be used in dog homes, crates and carriers 
Ideal size for Dogit Training Pad Holder (Item # 70576) 
Size: 100 pads (56 x 56 cm / 22 in x 22 in)




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Dogit Training Pads – Medium – 100 Pack


The Dogit Training Pads are designed to assist in housebreaking puppies and can be used for dogs at any stage of life. These pads offer several key features that make them effective for housetraining:


QUICK DRY Technology: The pads are equipped with QUICK DRY Technology, which quickly absorbs liquids and turns them into gel within minutes. This feature helps prevent leaks and keeps the surface dry, making it comfortable for your pet to use.

5 Layers of Superior Protection: The pads have five layers of leak-proof absorbency, ensuring that any moisture or liquids are effectively trapped and contained, protecting your floors from stains and odors.

Attractant Scent: The pads are designed with an enticing scent that helps attract dogs, encouraging them to use the pads as their designated spot for elimination.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The pads are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, offering flexibility in placement. You can use them in various locations, such as dog homes, crates, and carriers.

Ideal Size: The pads come in a pack of 100, each measuring 56 x 56 cm (22 in x 22 in). This size makes them suitable for use with the Dogit Training Pad Holder (Item # 70576), providing a secure and convenient setup.

Odor Neutralizer: The pads feature a powerful odor neutralizer that helps control and eliminate unpleasant smells, ensuring a clean and fresh environment.


Overall, Dogit HOME GUARD Training Pads with QUICK DRY Technology are a practical and convenient solution for housetraining dogs and can be used throughout their lives, including older or incontinent canines. The absorbent properties, leak-proof design, and attractant scent make the training process easier for both you and your furry companion.


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