Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp – A19 – 60W – PT2110


A broad-spectrum daylight lamp with a Neodymium sleeve. The spectrum is ideal for plant’s photosynthesis and the UVA (ultraviolet A

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Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp is a versatile lighting solution designed specifically for terrariums. Let’s explore its key features:

  1. Broad-Spectrum Daylight Lamp:

    • This lamp provides a natural and broad spectrum of light, ideal for plant photosynthesis.
    • The inclusion of a Neodymium sleeve ensures optimal light quality.
  2. Heat Gradients for Thermoregulation:

    • The lamp creates heat gradients within the terrarium.
    • These temperature variations allow reptiles to regulate their body heat effectively.
  3. Increased Ambient Air Temperature:

    • The emitted heat contributes to raising the overall ambient temperature in the terrarium.
    • This warmth is essential for reptiles’ well-being and metabolic processes.
  4. Stimulation of Breeding Behavior:

    • The UVA (ultraviolet A) rays from the lamp play a role in stimulating breeding behavior among reptiles.
    • It supports natural reproductive cycles.


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