Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp – 25 Watt – T10



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Broad-spectrum daylight lamp for terrariums.
Creates heat gradients for thermoregulation.
Increases ambient air temperature.
Stimulates breeding behavior through UVA rays.
Can be combined with Night Glo or Heat Glo for a 24-hour cycle.
The Exo Terra Glow Light (PT2052 / PT2054 / PT2056) is perfectly suited for the Exo Terra Incandescent Bulbs.






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Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp – 25 Watt – T10


The Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp – 25 Watt is a product designed for terrariums and reptile habitats. This lamp serves multiple purposes, including providing light, heat, and beneficial UVA radiation for reptiles. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:


Broad-Spectrum Daylight Lamp: This lamp emits a broad spectrum of light that mimics natural sunlight. This spectrum is beneficial for the photosynthesis of plants within the terrarium and supports the overall health of the habitat.

Heat Emission: The lamp emits heat, which helps to create temperature gradients within the terrarium. This is important for reptiles as it allows them to move to different areas with varying temperatures to regulate their body temperature as needed.

Ambient Air Temperature: By emitting heat, the lamp contributes to raising the ambient air temperature in the terrarium. This is important to create a suitable and comfortable environment for the reptiles.

UVA Radiation: The lamp emits UVA rays, which are a type of ultraviolet light. UVA radiation is known to have positive effects on reptiles’ physiological well-being. It can stimulate natural behaviors, support metabolism, and enhance overall health.

Breeding Stimulation: The presence of UVA rays can also stimulate breeding behavior in reptiles. Many reptile species are sensitive to changes in light and radiation, and exposure to UVA can encourage them to engage in mating and reproduction behaviors.

24-Hour Cycle: The lamp can be used in combination with other lighting sources like Night Glo or Heat Glo to create a 24-hour light and temperature cycle within the terrarium. This can help simulate natural day and night conditions, which is beneficial for the reptiles’ biological rhythms.

Compatibility with Exo Terra Glow Light: The Exo Terra Glow Light (PT2052 / PT2054 / PT2056) is recommended for use with the Exo Terra Incandescent Bulbs, which includes the Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp. This ensures proper fitting and support for the heat lamp.


Overall, the Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp is designed to create a comfortable and realistic habitat for reptiles, promoting their well-being, natural behaviors, and overall health.


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