Exo Terra Heat Cable – 50 Watt



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Conductive heat source for reptiles and amphibians
Allows to provide heat right where necessary
Double silicone insulation
Flexible and durable
Ideal for heating racking systems






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Exo Terra Heat Cable – 50 Watt


The Exo Terra Heat Cable – 50 Watt is designed to provide a controlled source of heat for reptiles and amphibians in various setups, particularly in terrariums or breeder racks. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and uses:


Conductive Heat Source: The Exo Terra Heat Cable serves as a conductive heat source for reptiles and amphibians. This means it emits heat directly to the objects it’s in contact with, such as the terrarium floor or enclosures in a breeder rack.

Targeted Heat Provision: The cable is specifically designed to allow you to provide heat exactly where it’s needed. This is especially useful for creating specific temperature gradients within a terrarium, which can help mimic natural habitats and meet the temperature preferences of different reptiles and amphibian species.

Double Silicone Insulation: The heat cable is equipped with double silicone insulation. This insulation enhances safety by preventing electrical hazards and reducing the risk of the cable causing harm to the animals or the environment. This feature ensures that the heat is emitted without posing a danger to the animals or the surrounding area.

Flexibility and Durability: The Exo Terra Heat Cable is flexible and durable, which makes it easy to position within the enclosure or rack. The flexibility allows you to route the cable in various ways, ensuring optimal heat distribution.

Ideal for Racking Systems: This product is especially well-suited for use in breeder racks where multiple enclosures are stacked vertically. It helps maintain consistent and controlled temperatures across multiple enclosures, which is important for successful breeding and housing setups.


In summary, the Exo Terra Heat Cable – 50 Watt is a versatile tool for maintaining proper temperature conditions within reptile and amphibian enclosures. Its ability to provide targeted and safe heat makes it a valuable accessory for both hobbyists and professionals who are working with these animals. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations when installing and using heating equipment in your pet’s habitat.


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