Exo Terra Natural Light Ion – 15 Watt



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Eliminates odors
 Purifies terrarium air
 Neutralizes mold spores
 Creates a healthy environment
 New and innovative technology
 High visual light output





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Exo Terra Natural Light Ion – 15 Watt


The Exo Terra Natural Light Ion is a product designed for creating a healthy environment for reptiles and amphibians in a terrarium. The product combines general lighting with a built-in negative ion generator to achieve various benefits:


Odor Elimination: The negative ions generated by the device help to eliminate odors present in the terrarium. These ions work to neutralize odor-causing molecules, resulting in a fresher environment.

Air Purification: The negative ions produced by the device assist in purifying the air within the terrarium. They can effectively clump together and neutralize harmful airborne particles such as mold spores, fungi, and dust, thereby improving the overall air quality.

Wellbeing: Negative ions are known to have potential benefits for physiological well-being. High levels of negative ions are typically found in natural environments like coastlines, mountains, deserts, forests, and near water sources. By introducing negative ions into the terrarium, the product aims to replicate these beneficial conditions for reptiles and amphibians.

Healthy Environment: The combined effects of odor elimination, air purification, and the potential physiological benefits of negative ions contribute to creating a healthier overall environment for reptiles and amphibians in the terrarium.

Technology: The product is described as incorporating new and innovative technology that harnesses the power of negative ions for the benefits mentioned above.

Visual Light Output: In addition to the negative ion generation, the Exo Terra Natural Light Ion also provides a high visual light output. This suggests that the product serves as a general light source, which is important for the well-being of reptiles and amphibians in captivity, as it helps replicate natural lighting conditions.


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