Exo Terra Reptile Den – Large



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Exo Terra Reptile Den – Large


The Exo Terra Reptile Den is a specialized accessory designed for reptile and amphibian terrariums. Its primary function is to provide a hiding and sleeping spot for these animals while allowing easy observation without disturbing them or disrupting their environment. It addresses the issue of stress caused by digging out animals by removing the substrate and decorations in the terrarium.


Key features of the Exo Terra Reptile Den:

Observation without disturbance: The Reptile Den allows you to observe your reptiles and amphibians while they are in their hiding and sleeping spot, without needing to open the terrarium. This minimizes stress on the animals and maintains a more natural and peaceful environment for them.

Easy access: The rock-cover of the Reptile Den can be removed from outside the tank, providing a clear view of the hiding and sleeping animals. This eliminates the need to disrupt the terrarium’s interior, making it convenient for both you and your pets.

Magnetic connection: The two pieces of the Reptile Den, the rock-cover, and the glass, are held together by strong magnets. This ensures a secure connection, keeping the hiding spot intact and preventing accidental separation.

Insulated tunnel system: The rock-cover of the Reptile Den is insulated, helping to maintain a cooler temperature within the tunnel system compared to the ambient temperature inside the terrarium. This provides a more thermally suitable environment for reptiles and amphibians that require cooler conditions.

Moisture retention: The Reptile Den can hold some moistened moss or substrate inside, helping to keep the hiding spot humid and creating a microclimate suitable for animals that thrive in such conditions.


Overall, the Exo Terra Reptile Den is a valuable addition to any reptile or amphibian terrarium, offering a stress-free observation option and providing a secure and comfortable hiding and sleeping spot for your pets.


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