Exo Terra Worm Dish / Feeder – 3 3/4in x 1 3/4in x 5in



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No Mess
Saves valuable supplements
Specially designed edge ring prevents escape
Natural look
Easy to clean




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Exo Terra Worm Dish / Feeder – 3 3/4in x 1 3/4in x 5in


The Exo Terra Worm Dish is a feeder designed for reptiles, particularly for feeding mealworms to terrarium inhabitants. It has several key features that make it a practical and convenient option for feeding reptiles:


No Mess: The design of the Worm Dish helps to contain the mealworms, reducing the chances of them scattering all over the terrarium and creating a mess.

Saves Valuable Supplements: The dish allows for easy addition of vitamin and mineral supplements to the mealworms. This ensures that the reptiles receive the necessary nutrients when feeding on the mealworms.

Specially Designed Edge Ring Prevents Escape: The Worm Dish is constructed with a specially designed edge ring that prevents the mealworms from escaping. This is important because mealworms have a tendency to burrow and can easily hide in the substrate if not contained, leading to potential issues with beetles or harmful bacteria.

Natural Look: The dish is designed to blend in with the terrarium’s natural environment, providing a more aesthetically pleasing feeding solution.

Easy to Clean: The Worm Dish is constructed in two parts, making it easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring hygienic feeding conditions for the reptiles.


Overall, the Exo Terra Worm Dish offers a practical and efficient way to feed mealworms to reptiles while minimizing mess and preventing potential problems associated with loose mealworms in the terrarium.


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