Fluval 206 / 207 Bio-Foam Value Pack



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Premium Biological and Mechanical filtration media
Designed specifically for the Fluval 206, 207 canister filters
Convenient value pack format
6-month supply
For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums





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Fluval 206 / 207 Bio-Foam Value Pack


The Fluval media value pack is designed for use with Fluval 06 and 07 series performance canister filters. It includes premium biological and mechanical filtration media, providing the quality, effectiveness, and convenience that Fluval is known for in aquatic filtration.

This value pack contains all the necessary media to maintain peak performance of your canister filter for several months. It is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


The features of the Fluval media value pack include:

Premium Biological and Mechanical Filtration Media: The pack includes media that is specifically designed to provide effective biological and mechanical filtration for your aquarium.

Designed for Fluval 206 and 207 Canister Filters: The media value pack is compatible with Fluval 206 and 207 canister filters, ensuring a proper fit and optimal performance.

Convenient Value Pack Format: The media value pack is conveniently packaged to provide a 6-month supply of media, making it easier for you to maintain your aquarium filtration system.


The included media in the value pack are as follows:

2 x Bio-Foam Max (Item #A188): This is a 2-in-1 biological and mechanical filtration media. It features a rippled surface pattern that offers 30% more area, increasing debris and waste capture.

2 x Bio-Foam (Item #A222): This media is specifically designed for mechanical filtration. It is precision-cut without gaps to prevent debris bypass and maintains consistent water flow with its complex foam structure.

1 x Bio-Foam+ (Item #A236): This media serves both mechanical and biological filtration purposes. It has a large porous surface that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, aiding in biological filtration.


By using the Fluval media value pack, you can ensure efficient and effective filtration in your aquarium for an extended period, promoting a healthy aquatic environment for your fish and other inhabitants.



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