Fluval FLEX Aquarium Kit – Black – 32.5 Gallon



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Mobile device controlled Aquasky LED operates via FluvalSmart App
Customizable, adjustable light spectrum (Color temperature ranges from 3000 – 25000 K)
Multiple weather effects – storm, lightning, cloud cover and more
24-hour programmable light timer mimics the natural cycle of the sun and moon
Optional space to add a second Aquasky LED (sold separately)
Powerful 3-stage filtration system
2 independent media chambers for maximum, superior water quality
2 oversized mechanical (foam); chemical (carbon); and biological (Biomax) media – all included
Twin output nozzles can be adjusted to create customized water flow
Hidden rear filter compartment provides separate media access 
Convenient easy-feed door opening with option to add PF2 programmable feeder (Item #10786 – sold separately)
Honeycomb print camouflages water line 
Custom cabinetry available (sold separately) – Black (Item# 14985), White (Item #14986) 
For freshwater use only




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Fluval FLEX Aquarium Kit – Black – 32.5 Gallon


The Fluval FLEX Aquarium Kit in black is a stylish and feature-packed aquarium with a capacity of 32.5 gallons. It is part of Fluval’s curved aquarium series and offers various exciting features:


Aquasky LED Lighting: The aquarium comes with an Aquasky LED lighting system that can be controlled using a mobile device through the FluvalSmart App. The LED system allows for customization of light spectrum, with color temperature ranging from 3000 to 25000 K.

Dynamic Effects: The Aquasky LED offers multiple weather effects like storms, lightning, cloud cover, and more, providing an immersive and dynamic visual experience.

Programmable Light Timer: The lighting system has a programmable 24-hour light timer, which mimics the natural cycle of the sun and moon, providing a more natural and healthy environment for your aquatic pets.

Expandable Lighting: The aquarium has optional space to add a second Aquasky LED (sold separately) if you desire even more lighting control and intensity.

Filtration System: The FLEX aquarium includes a built-in 3-stage filtration system with two independent multi-stage chambers. This setup ensures maximum cleaning efficiency and superior water quality for your aquatic inhabitants.

Media Included: The filtration system comes with two oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (Biomax) media, providing comprehensive filtration for the aquarium.

Adjustable Water Flow: The twin output nozzles of the circulation pump can be adjusted to create customized water flow patterns, helping to maintain a healthy aquatic environment.

Hidden Filter Compartment: The rear filter compartment is cleverly hidden, providing separate media access while maintaining a clean and sleek look.

Easy-Feed Door: The aquarium has a convenient easy-feed door opening, and there is an option to add a PF2 programmable feeder (sold separately) for automatic feeding of your fish.

Stylish Design: The aquarium features a honeycomb print that camouflages the water line, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Custom Cabinetry: Optional custom cabinetry is available in black and white (sold separately) to complement the aquarium’s design and integrate it seamlessly into your living space.

Freshwater Use: The Fluval FLEX Aquarium Kit is designed for freshwater use only.


The kit includes the glass aquarium with a cover, Aquasky LED lighting system, a safe, low-voltage transformer, a circulation pump with an output nozzle, and the necessary filter media (foam filter block, activated carbon insert, and BioMax insert).



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