Fluval Gravel Vac Multi-Substrate Cleaner – Medium / Large



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Effectively traps dirt and debris
Easy Start siphon for quick priming – starts with just a couple of pumps
Thumb-operated flow regulator allows you to adjust speed as you clean 
Gravel guard prevents clogging 
Tube extension included for larger tanks and hard-to-reach areas
Suitable for all substrates (sand, gravel, rock)
For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums



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Fluval Gravel Vac Multi-Substrate Cleaner – Medium / Large


The Fluval GravelVac multi-substrate cleaner is a versatile and efficient tool designed to provide you with total control over the aquarium cleaning process. It offers several key features to make cleaning your aquarium easier and more effective.

Trapping Dirt and Debris: The GravelVac effectively traps dirt and debris, ensuring that you can remove unwanted particles from your aquarium substrate.

Easy Start Siphon: The cleaner features an Easy Start siphon system that allows for quick priming. With just a couple of pumps, you can initiate the siphoning process, making it convenient and hassle-free to start cleaning your aquarium.

Thumb-Operated Flow Regulator: The GravelVac comes with a thumb-operated flow regulator, which enables you to adjust the speed of water flow as you clean. This feature allows for precise control over the cleaning process, ensuring you can clean different substrates effectively.

Gravel Guard: To prevent clogging, the GravelVac is equipped with a gravel guard. This guard helps to filter out larger debris, preventing it from entering the cleaner and obstructing the siphoning process.

Tube Extension: The cleaner includes an 8-inch (20 cm) extension tube, which is useful for larger tanks or hard-to-reach areas. With this extension, you can easily clean every corner of your aquarium, ensuring thorough cleaning.

Suitable for All Substrates: The GravelVac is designed to be compatible with all types of substrates, including sand, gravel, and rock. It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, making it versatile for various tank setups.


Included with the GravelVac are the following components:

Flow Regulator: Allows you to adjust the water flow speed during the cleaning process.
Gravel Guard: Helps prevent clogging by filtering out larger debris.
Intake Tube: Collects the debris and dirt from the aquarium substrate.
Extension Tube (8 inches/20 cm): Useful for reaching larger tanks or areas that are difficult to access.
PVC Hoses: Connect the different components of the cleaner for a complete cleaning system.
Easy Start Siphon Bulb: Enables quick priming of the siphoning process.
Bucket Clip: Conveniently attaches to the bucket to secure the cleaner while in use.


With the Fluval GravelVac multi-substrate cleaner and its included accessories, you can have full control over the cleaning process of your aquarium, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic pets.



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