Fluval Plant LED 3.0 Bluetooth Nano Aquarium Light – 15W





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Fluval Plant LED 3.0 Bluetooth Nano Aquarium Light – 15W

The Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light – 15W offers these next-generation features:
Programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle settings (sunrise, midday, sunset/dusk, and night) for healthy, 
realistic illumination for all your aquarium inhabitants
6 unique band waves for full-spectrum results
Independent color control to suit your specific color needs
3 optional pre-set light configurations – Lake Malawi, Tropical, or Planted – for ultra-convenient habitat lighting
Fully adjustable positioning (up/down, side-to-side, forward/backward) to accommodate your unique aquascape
Over-the-glass mounting design with repositionable, secure grip
High Luminous Efficiency (HLE) LEDs that offer improved light output and spectral quality while consuming the same power as before.
 HLE LEDs also feature a fully encased aluminum shell that keeps them cool to the touch and safer from water intrusion and humidity.
A 23% lighter, smoother aluminum frame with industry leading IP67 waterproof rating, which allows mounting directly above water surface for greater light
 penetration and efficiency (no need to install a sliding aquarium top, which can accumulate stains and diminish light quality)
120° of illumination from each individual LED, for wider, deeper, more uniform coverage without dead spots
To easily control the Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light – 15W and all its built-in features, 
simply download the FREE FluvalSmart App on your mobile device. No additional equipment required.
Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light Specifications:
Dimensions: 5″ x 5″
LEDs: 63
Wattage: 15W
Lumens: 1,000 lm
Color temperature: 25000K
Lifetime: 50,000 hrs
Accommodates aquarium walls: 3-8mm thick

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