Fluval SEA EVO Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallon



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High-output 11000K LED with all-aluminum, waterproof casing is reef-capable and suited for healthy coral growth

LED also features convenient touch-start day and night illumination

Powerful 3-stage filtration for superior water quality

Oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon) and biological (BIOMAX) media included

Stylish honeycomb wrap conceals rear filtration compartment and water line





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Fluval SEA EVO Aquarium Kit – 5 Gallon


The Fluval SEA EVO Aquarium Kit is a 5-gallon nano saltwater kit designed to provide a complete and efficient setup for keeping marine reef tanks in a small space, such as a desk or counter. It offers several features that make it suitable for the saltwater hobby:


High-Output LED Lighting: The kit comes with a 11000K LED light with an all-aluminum, waterproof casing. This lighting system is reef-capable, meaning it provides the necessary spectrum and intensity of light required for healthy coral growth.

Day and Night Illumination: The LED lighting system also features touch-start day and night illumination, allowing you to easily switch between different lighting modes depending on the time of day.

3-Stage Filtration: The aquarium kit includes a powerful 3-stage filtration system, ensuring superior water quality. The filtration process consists of mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration, which helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your marine inhabitants.

Oversized Media: The filtration system incorporates oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (BIOMAX) media. These media types help to effectively remove debris, impurities, and harmful substances from the water while promoting beneficial bacteria growth for biological filtration.

Stylish Design: The aquarium has a stylish honeycomb wrap that conceals the rear filtration compartment and water line, providing a neat and clean appearance to the tank.



What’s Included in the Kit:

Glass Aquarium with Cover: The primary container for holding water and marine life.

LED Lighting System: A high-output LED lighting system with day and night illumination capabilities.

Safe, Low-Voltage Transformer: A power supply for the LED lighting system, ensuring safe operation.

Circulation Pump with Output Nozzle: A pump for creating water movement within the aquarium, essential for the health of the marine ecosystem.

Fluval Foam Filter Block with Handle: A mechanical filtration media for removing larger particles and debris from the water.

Fluval Activated Carbon Insert: A chemical filtration media that helps remove impurities and odors from the water.

Fluval BioMax Insert: A biological filtration media that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, which aid in breaking down harmful substances in the water.


Overall, the Fluval SEA EVO Aquarium Kit provides an excellent option for those interested in starting a small saltwater aquarium with a focus on coral and marine reef inhabitants. Its compact size, efficient filtration, and quality lighting make it an attractive choice for beginners or those with limited space.



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