HARI Hand-Feeding Formula – 11 lb


HARI Hand-Feeding Formula is a specially designed food product for baby parrots up to the fledgling stage. This critical period of a parrot’s life requires proper nutrition, and this formula aims to provide all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.

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Key Features of HARI Hand-Feeding Formula:


Finely Ground Up Form: The formula is made from finely ground extruded High Performance biscuits, making it easy to mix with hot water and create a smooth, clump-free mash.

Suitable for Various Parrot Species: It is recommended for a wide range of parrot species, including African Greys, Amazons, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Conures, Eclectus, Lovebirds, Macaws, Pionus, and most Psittacines.

Natural Ingredients: The formula contains no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, ensuring a more natural diet for the baby parrots. It includes high-quality, human-grade sunflower kernel and peanut meat as a source of fat and protein.

Balanced Nutrition: The formula provides optimum levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients essential for the healthy growth of parrot chicks. It also includes 8 essential grains that complement amino acid profiles.

Feather Health: The formula includes multiple sources of protein to promote the development of impeccable feathers in growing parrots.

Calcium and Vitamin D: It contains safe and balanced levels of calcium and vitamin D, meeting the specific requirements of all psittacine species.

Omega and Fatty Acids: The formula incorporates natural omega and fatty acids derived from flax seeds, contributing to overall health and well-being.

High Caloric Density: The formula is rich in calories, providing the necessary energy for the demanding growth phase of baby parrots.

Gut Health: HARI Hand-Feeding Formula is designed to have optimal nutrient density and gut motility, supporting healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

Easy to Prepare and Clean: Preparation is quick and straightforward, as you only need to add hot water to the dry formula and mix it. Additionally, it does not stick to feathers, making cleaning easier.

Pasteurized and Safe: The formula undergoes full processing and pasteurization, eliminating harmful bacterial and fungal organisms. Its starch gelatinization ensures effective crop peristalsis and prevents impaction.


Overall, HARI Hand-Feeding Formula is a comprehensive and convenient option for hand-feeding baby parrots, offering the nutrients they need during this crucial stage of their life.




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