K9 Fitness by Zeus Rope and TPR Tennis Ball Dumbbell – 12 in



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24 K9 Fitness by Zeus models available
Blue and Green. Colors may vary.
Tough rope, tennis ball and TPR construction.
Perfect for playing fetch with your dog.
Size: 12 in (30.5 cm)



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K9 Fitness by Zeus Rope and TPR Tennis Ball Dumbbell – 12 in


The K9 Fitness by Zeus Rope and TPR Tennis Ball Dumbbell is a dog toy designed to provide exercise, entertainment, and dental benefits for dogs. It features a combination of materials, including rope, a tennis ball, and TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), which entices dogs with stimulating textures.


Key Features:


Stimulating Textures: The combination of rope, tennis ball, and TPR provides various textures that can keep dogs engaged and entertained during playtime.

Dental Benefits: The rope fibers help floss your dog’s teeth as they chew and play, promoting better dental health.

Versatile Play: The toy is suitable for various play activities such as tug-of-war, fetch, and gentle chewing, catering to different preferences and play styles.

Easy to Spot Colors: The K9 Fitness by Zeus collection, including this toy, is designed in shades of blue and yellow. Dogs can easily locate these colors, making it simple for them to find the toy during playtime, regardless of the environment.

Size: The toy’s dimensions are 12 inches (30.5 cm), making it suitable for medium to large-sized dogs.

Variety: The K9 Fitness by Zeus collection offers 24 different models, ensuring that you can find the right toy for your dog’s preferences.


Please note that the specific color (blue or green) may vary for this toy. It is perfect for playing fetch with your furry friend and can provide them with physical exercise, mental stimulation, and a fun bonding experience with you during play sessions. Always supervise your dog while playing with toys to ensure their safety.



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