Laguna Phos-X Pond Phosphate Remover – string algae remover – treats 1320 gal.

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Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover in a pond to improve water quality and reduce algae and foul odors

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  1. Formulation: Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover is specifically formulated for freshwater ponds.

  2. Purpose: It is designed to reduce compounds that lead to unsightly water conditions and foul odors in ponds.

  3. Compounds Targeted: Phos-X absorbs and traps phosphate, nitrite, and nitrate in a gradual and safe manner.

  4. Result: By using Phos-X, your pond water will become crystal clear and provide ideal living conditions for both fish and plants.

  5. Ease of Use: Phos-X is user-friendly and reduces the need for frequent hands-on pond maintenance.

  6. Application: To maximize its effectiveness, you can simply place one or more packs of Phos-X in the pond filter.

  7. Dosage: Each 2-pack of Phos-X is designed to treat 5000 liters (1320 U.S. gallons) of pond water and lasts for up to 3 months.

By following these guidelines, pond owners can maintain a cleaner and healthier pond environment with less effort.

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1 review for Laguna Phos-X Pond Phosphate Remover – string algae remover – treats 1320 gal.

  1. mikez

    used in green house and within one week no string algae . This is the best and make no work . No adding chemicals . Just rinse the bags every two weeks so water flows thru bag quickly and place in fast moving water BINGO clear water and no string algae on my lilies .

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