Zoo Med Micro Pump 104 Multi-Function Submersible Pump



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For internal or external filter applications, terrarium waterfalls small ponds, or desktop fountains
For fresh or saltwater applications
Adjustable flow rate
Pump can run dry for 30+ days without damage
Ul rated for safety




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Zoo Med Micro Pump 104 Multi-Function Submersible Pump


The Zoo Med Micro Pump 104 is a multi-function submersible pump designed for various applications. It can be used for internal or external filter applications in aquariums, terrarium waterfalls, small ponds, or desktop fountains. The pump is suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments.

One of the key features of the pump is its adjustable flow rate, which allows you to control the water flow according to your specific needs. Additionally, the pump is designed to be quite durable and can run dry for extended periods (30+ days) without sustaining damage, which can be beneficial in case of accidental water level drops.

It’s worth noting that the pump is UL-rated for safety, which means it meets certain safety standards established by Underwriters Laboratories, a global safety consulting and certification company. This ensures that the pump is safe to use and has undergone rigorous testing for potential hazards.

Overall, the Zoo Med Micro Pump 104 is a versatile and reliable submersible pump suitable for various aquatic applications in both freshwater and saltwater settings.


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Weight 2.00000000 lbs
Dimensions 3.40000000 × 6.10000000 in



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