Microbe-Lift PL 1 – QT



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Keeps Ponds Clean & Clear!

Specially Formulated for Decorative Fish Ponds, Lagoons & Smaller Water Features

Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth
Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
Dissolves away organic sludge
Seeds and maintains biological filters
Significantly reduces noxious odors caused by dead algae, fish fecal matter, and urine
Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong, offensive odors
Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)
Reduces buildup of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leaves
Breaks down dead algae
Improves dissolved oxygen levels
Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of organic and inorganic particles
Effective over a wide range of pH conditions

Continued biological activity even in water temperatures under 55°F. (12°C.) PL



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Microbe-Lift PL 1 – QT


Microbe-Lift PL is a product specially designed for maintaining the cleanliness and clarity of ponds, particularly decorative fish and koi ponds. It is formulated to speed up the breakdown of organic waste matter in the water. Organic waste in ponds can come from various sources, such as fish waste, uneaten fish food, decaying plant matter, and other organic debris that accumulates over time.

The product contains a unique blend of microbes that are beneficial for the pond’s ecosystem. These microbes play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter, converting it into simpler compounds, and promoting a healthier pond environment. As the organic waste is broken down more efficiently, it helps to reduce the nutrient load in the water, which can otherwise lead to algae blooms and other water quality issues.

Additionally, by enhancing the breakdown of organic waste, Microbe-Lift PL can improve the efficiency of pond filters. When there is less organic material in the water, filters can work more effectively, removing suspended particles and maintaining better water clarity.

To use Microbe-Lift PL, you typically introduce it into the pond following the manufacturer’s instructions. Regular use can help maintain water quality, reduce sludge buildup, and support a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic life in the pond.

As with any pond treatment or additive, it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully and use the product as directed to achieve the best results. If you are unsure about its suitability for your specific pond or fish species, consulting with a pond professional or expert can provide valuable guidance.



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