Zoo Med Paludarium Platform – Small



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Zoo Med Paludarium Platform – Small


The Zoo Med Paludarium Platform is a small platform designed for use in a paludarium, which is a type of enclosure that combines both aquatic and terrestrial environments for plants and animals. Here are the key features of the platform:


Adjustable Support Legs: The platform comes with support legs that can be moved from side to side. This flexibility allows you to adjust the positioning of filters, heaters, decorations, and other equipment within the enclosure to create an optimal environment for your animals.

Low Profile Robust Design: Despite its small size, the platform is designed to be sturdy and can support up to 11 lbs of weight. This ensures that it can hold various elements and inhabitants without compromising its integrity.

Maximizes Usable Space: By utilizing the platform in your paludarium setup, you can create additional usable space in the water feature. This can be beneficial for your animals, as it offers more room for exploration and activities.

Shelter for Semi-Aquatic and Terrestrial Animals: The platform provides a raised area that offers shelter and a basking spot for both semi-aquatic and terrestrial animals. Some animals may prefer basking under a heat lamp or UV light, and the platform can serve as a suitable location for such activities.

Substrate Tray Included: The platform comes with a substrate tray, which is a container that holds the substrate material (e.g., soil, sand, or gravel) used in the enclosure. The tray helps keep the substrate contained and prevents it from spilling into the water area.


Overall, the Zoo Med Paludarium Platform is a versatile accessory that enhances the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a paludarium setup. It caters to the needs of both aquatic and terrestrial inhabitants, providing them with a suitable environment for thriving and interacting with their surroundings.



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