Exo Terra Reptile Vision – Reptile Visual Spectrum Bulb – 26 Watt



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Stimulates appetite and breeding
Improves the animal’s perception of its environment
Enhances natural behavior
Adapted for the 4-receptor eyes of reptiles







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Exo Terra Reptile Vision – Reptile Visual Spectrum Bulb – 26 Watt


The Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb is a specialized light bulb designed for reptiles. It takes into consideration the fact that reptiles have different visual sensitivities compared to humans. The light spectrum of this bulb has been tailored to peak in wavelengths that are important for reptile vision. This means that the bulb emits light that is more aligned with what reptiles can perceive and respond to in their natural environment.


Key features and benefits of the Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb include:

Stimulates Appetite and Breeding: The light emitted by this bulb can have a positive impact on reptile behavior, including stimulating appetite and encouraging breeding. This is because reptiles are more likely to engage in these activities when their environment closely resembles their natural habitat.

Improves Perception of Environment: Since the bulb is designed to emit light in wavelengths that reptiles are particularly sensitive to, it can help reptiles perceive their environment more accurately. This can reduce stress and provide a more comfortable living space for them.

Enhances Natural Behavior: The more natural the lighting conditions in a reptile’s enclosure, the more likely they are to exhibit natural behaviors. Reptiles may become more active, explore their environment, and engage in activities that are typical of their species.

Adapted for Reptile Vision: Reptiles typically have four types of photoreceptor cells in their eyes, allowing them to see a broader range of colors compared to humans. This bulb has been designed with this in mind, aiming to provide a light spectrum that suits the capabilities of reptile vision.

Complementary with UVB Bulbs: While the Reptile Vision Bulb enhances the visual experience for reptiles, it’s important to note that UVB lighting is also crucial for reptiles’ health. UVB light helps reptiles synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for calcium metabolism. The Exo Terra Reptile UVB Bulbs can be used in conjunction with the Reptile Vision Bulb to create a well-rounded lighting setup for reptile enclosures.


Overall, the Exo Terra Reptile Vision Bulb aims to replicate natural lighting conditions for reptiles in captivity. This can have a positive impact on their well-being, behavior, and overall health. However, it’s important to research and provide appropriate lighting and other care requirements specific to the species of reptile you are keeping, as different species may have varying needs.


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