Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine



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Programmable misting unit for terrariums, bird cages, aviaries, or indoor gardens

Portable for indoor or outdoor use

Four spray interval settings: every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours

Includes adjustable mounting hooks, 4-point suction cup hold down, remote nozzle extension and 6-watt ac adaptor

Made in the USA




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Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine


The Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine is a programmable unit designed for misting terrariums, bird cages, aviaries, and indoor gardens. It offers versatility with its portable design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The misting machine can be powered using the included AC adapter or 4 C batteries (batteries not included), providing flexibility in its operation.


This device features programmable settings to control misting cycles:

It offers four options for spray intervals: every 30 minutes, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, or every 12 hours.
There are also four choices for spray duration: 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 60 seconds.


Accessories included with the misting machine enhance its functionality:

Adjustable mounting hooks facilitate easy installation and positioning.
The 4-point suction cup hold-down ensures stability during operation.
A remote nozzle extension is provided for directing mist to specific areas.
The package includes a 6-watt AC adapter for powering the unit via an electrical outlet.

In summary, the Zoo Med Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine offers a practical and customizable solution to maintaining optimal humidity levels in diverse environments. Its various settings and accessories cater to different requirements, making it suitable for maintaining the well-being of animals or plants in terrariums, bird cages, aviaries, or indoor gardens.


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in



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