Acurel Infused Media Pads – Nitrate Reducer – 10 in x 18 in



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ACU520: Nitrate Reducer Infused


These pads will:

Quickly reduce nitrates to safe levels

Promote beneficial bacteria colonies for a healthier aquatic environment

Effectively remove all organic particles, foreign debris, residual medications,  excess food and waste 

Improve and maintain fish health

Improve water quality 



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Acurel Infused Media Pads – Nitrate Reducer – 10 in x 18 in


The Acurel Infused Media Pads are specifically designed to reduce and maintain safe levels of nitrates in aquariums and ponds. Nitrates can be harmful to fish and can lead to stress, potentially shortening their lifespan. By using these media pads, you can help create a healthier aquatic environment for your fish.

The media pads are infused with substances that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies. These bacteria play a crucial role in breaking down and converting harmful nitrates into less harmful forms, thus reducing their levels in the water. This process helps to maintain a more stable and balanced nitrogen cycle in the aquarium or pond.

One notable feature of Acurel Infused Media Pads is their thicker and more rigid design. This design enhances their performance and effectiveness compared to other media pads available on the market. The increased thickness allows for better water flow and contact with the media pad, optimizing the reduction of nitrates.

These media pads can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as ponds. They are compatible with a variety of filtration systems and can be easily placed in the filter or any other appropriate location within the aquarium or pond setup.

Remember to regularly monitor the nitrate levels in your aquarium or pond using water testing kits to ensure that they stay within safe limits for the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants.



To use Acurel Infused Media Pads for nitrate reduction in your aquarium or pond, follow these steps:


Determine the appropriate size: Measure the dimensions of your filtration unit or the area where you intend to place the media pad. Acurel Infused Media Pads come in a standard size of 10 inches by 18 inches, but they can be cut to fit your specific needs.

Cut the media pad: Using scissors or a utility knife, carefully cut the media pad to the desired size and shape that fits your filtration unit or desired location. Make sure to cut it slightly larger than the intended space to ensure a snug fit.

Install the media pad: Place the cut media pad in the desired location within your filtration unit. It can be used in various types of filters, including hang-on filters, canister filters, top filters, internal filters, wet/dry filters, and more. Ensure that the media pad is securely positioned and won’t impede the flow of water through the filter.

Monitor and replace: Regularly monitor the condition of the media pad and its effectiveness in reducing nitrates. Over time, the pad will accumulate nitrates and other waste materials, so it will need to be replaced periodically. The frequency of replacement will depend on the nitrate levels in your aquarium or pond and the pad’s saturation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement intervals or observe any signs of reduced effectiveness.

Maintain proper water parameters: While the Acurel Infused Media Pads aid in reducing nitrates, it’s essential to maintain other crucial aspects of water quality. Regularly test the water for parameters such as pH, ammonia, nitrite, and temperature, and perform water changes as needed to keep your aquatic environment healthy and balanced.


By following these steps and incorporating Acurel Infused Media Pads into your aquarium or pond filtration system, you can help maintain safe nitrate levels and promote a healthier environment for your aquatic inhabitants.




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