Catit Grooming Comb with Rolling Pins


Designed for long-haired cats.

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Where and when to use

The grooming comb with rolling pins helps you to detangle hair without pulling on your cat’s skin.
This simple brush helps keep the skin clean by removing dandruff and other small dirt particles, in addition to removing loose hair before it mats.
The longer pins will comb through the undercoat while the shorter pins take care of the top coat. The combination of the two sizes results in a better grip and a more thorough brushing, all the way down to the skin.
In addition, the rolling pins will prevent the comb from getting stuck in tangles.
This brush is also useful for grooming areas that are harder to reach with regular brushes, like the rear and under the armpits.

How to use

First, softly run the brush through your cat’s fur, in the direction of hair growth.
Next, run the brush through the cat’s fur again, but press down a little firmer this time so the lower pins are engulfed in the fur.
Repeat this steps until all obstructions are gone.

Additional information

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