Catit Groovy Fish – Blue



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Cute and cuddly fish toy to entertain your cat
High-quality fabric cover with refillable catnip pocket
Rechargeable battery
Includes USB cable and 2 catnip bags




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Catit Groovy Fish – Blue


The Catit Groovy Fish is an interactive cat toy designed to provide hours of entertainment and stimulation for your feline friend. Here are some key features of the toy:


Realistic Flapping Motion: The fish toy has a groovy flapping motion that imitates the movement of a real fish. This motion is designed to captivate your cat’s attention and trigger their natural hunting instincts, keeping them engaged and entertained.

Three Movement Modes: The toy offers three different movement modes, making the play experience more dynamic and engaging for your cat.

Sensitive Motion Sensor: The Catit Groovy Fish is equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor that responds to your cat’s touch, activating the flapping motion and enhancing interactive playtime.

Standby Mode: After playtime, the toy automatically enters standby mode to conserve power, ensuring the battery lasts longer.

Catnip Bags: The toy comes with two catnip bags filled with a mixture of catnip and silvervine. This combination is known to be highly appealing to cats and can be easily replaced once its effects wear off.

Attractive Design: The fish toy features an eye-catching graphic pattern, making it visually appealing and distinctive among other cat toys in the market.

USB Charging: The toy eliminates the need for disposable batteries as it comes with a USB cable for convenient and quick charging.

Long Battery Life: The Catit Groovy Fish boasts a larger battery capacity compared to similar products on the market, allowing for up to 250 movement cycles per charge.

Removable Padded Sleeve: The toy has a soft, padded sleeve made of cat-safe materials that can be easily removed and hand-washed for easy cleaning.

Durable Motor Casing: The motor of the toy is protected by an extra-durable casing that helps absorb impacts, ensuring a longer lifespan for the toy.


Overall, the Catit Groovy Fish offers a combination of realistic movement, interactive play, and convenient features to keep your cat engaged, active, and entertained.


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