Catit Mini Fountain Filter – 3 Pack



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Catit Mini Fountain Filter – 3 Pack


The Catit Mini Fountain Filters, model number 44005, are designed to be used with the Catit Mini Flower Fountain (model number 43735W). These filters serve multiple functions to ensure the water in the fountain remains clean and fresh for your cat.

Collection of Large Particles and Debris: The filters are equipped to trap and collect large particles and debris from the water, preventing them from circulating and potentially clogging the fountain or affecting the water quality.

Reduction of Odors: The activated carbon within the filters helps to reduce unpleasant odors that may develop in the water. This carbon has the ability to absorb impurities, including compounds that contribute to the formation of odors.

It is recommended to replace the Catit Mini Fountain Filters on a monthly basis. Regular replacement ensures optimal filtration performance and helps maintain the freshness and cleanliness of the water in the fountain for your cat’s enjoyment.



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