Exo Terra Incubator Pro with Humidity Control



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Exo Terra Incubator Pro with Humidity Control


The Exo Terra Incubator Pro with Humidity Control is a digital egg incubator designed for reptile breeders to provide optimal conditions for egg incubation. It comes with various features to ensure precise temperature and humidity control to mimic natural conditions for successful egg hatching.


Key Features:

Digital Temperature & Humidity Control: The incubator utilizes a digital system to control both temperature and humidity. An LED display screen shows both the actual and preset temperature and humidity levels for easy monitoring.

Temperature Range: The incubator can maintain a temperature range from 10 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Humidity Control: The hygrostat, in combination with a USB humidifier, regulates humidity levels and keeps them at the optimum range, which can reach up to 95% relative humidity.

Heating & Humidifying: The incubator uses a 55W solid radiant heat element, which emits heat from above, replicating natural conditions. The accurate dimming and pulse proportional heating and humidifying combination further help maintain stable conditions.

Sloped Basin: The incubator features a sloped basin that returns water condensation to the humidifier reservoir, ensuring a consistent and efficient humidity system.

Dual Ventilation & Insulation: The incubator is equipped with dual ventilation, rounded corners, and a fine foam insulation layer, ensuring gradual airflow and preventing drafts that might cause temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Transparent Lid: The incubator’s transparent lid allows breeders to monitor the incubation and hatching process without opening the incubator and risking temperature or humidity loss.

Styrofoam Sidewalls: The incubator’s insulating Styrofoam sidewalls help maintain stable temperatures within the unit.

Power Failure Backup: The incubator retains the temperature and humidity settings in case of a temporary power failure, reducing potential risks to the developing eggs.

USB Humidifier Included: The incubator comes with a USB humidifier as part of its humidity control system.


Please note that breeder egg incubation boxes are sold separately, so users will need to acquire these boxes separately to place the eggs inside the incubator.


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