Exo Terra Reptile Den – Medium



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Exo Terra Reptile Den – Medium


The Exo Terra Reptile Den is a specially designed hiding and sleeping spot for reptiles and amphibians that allows for easy observation without disturbing the animals. It eliminates the need to dig out animals by removing substrate and terrarium decoration, which can cause stress to the creatures.

The Reptile Den is made up of two main pieces: a rock cover and a glass portion. The rock cover can be easily removed from the outside of the tank, allowing you to observe the hiding and sleeping animals inside. After observation, you can place the rock cover back on the glass, and they are held together securely through strong magnets.

One of the key features of the Reptile Den is its insulation, which helps keep the tunnel system cooler than the ambient temperature inside the terrarium. This is beneficial for reptiles and amphibians that require a cooler and more humid environment to thrive.

To maintain a suitable environment inside the Reptile Den, you can add some moistened moss or substrate. This helps keep the hiding spot moist, which may be essential for certain reptile species that require higher humidity levels.

Overall, the Exo Terra Reptile Den provides a stress-free way to observe and care for your reptiles and amphibians, ensuring their well-being and comfort in the terrarium.


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