Exo Terra Stone Desert Substrate – Sonoran Ocher – 11 lbs.



Natural desert soil, no added dyes or chemicals
Ideal to create your own desert or savannah landscape
Allows you to create outcrops, tunnels and burrows
Stimulates natural digging and burrowing behavior
Does not collapse once dry
Excellent heat conductor
Size: 11 lbs




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Exo Terra Stone Desert Substrate – Sonoran Ocher – 11 lbs.


The Exo Terra Stone Desert Substrate in the Sonoran Ocher variant is a product designed for creating a natural and realistic environment for reptiles that originate from arid regions like deserts and savannahs. It’s formulated to replicate the soil composition found in these areas, which typically consists of more than just sand. The substrate includes a combination of sand, decomposed granite, and clay, resulting in a texture that resembles the soil and rock formations of these habitats.


This substrate has several key features that make it suitable for creating a habitat for desert-dwelling reptiles:

Natural Composition: The substrate is formulated to mimic the natural soil composition of arid regions. It doesn’t contain added dyes or chemicals, aiming to provide a more authentic and safe environment for reptiles.

Habitat Creation: The Exo Terra Stone Desert Substrate allows reptile owners to design their own desert or savannah landscapes within their terrariums. This means you can create features like outcrops, tunnels, and burrows to replicate the natural habitat of the reptiles.

Stimulates Natural Behavior: The texture and composition of the substrate encourage natural digging and burrowing behavior in reptiles. This is important because many reptiles from arid regions are adapted to burrowing to escape extreme temperatures and find moisture.

Moisture Absorption: The substrate provides the opportunity to create cool-humid burrows. This is beneficial for reptiles as they can absorb moisture through their skin while sleeping or hiding in these burrows. This helps them maintain proper hydration levels.

Temperature Regulation: The substrate allows for the creation of warmer elevated basking areas. These areas help reptiles to regulate their body temperature by providing different temperature gradients. This is crucial for reptile health and well-being.

Durability: The substrate is designed not to collapse or break apart once it dries. This ensures that the landscape and burrows you create will remain intact and functional over time.

Heat Conduction: The substrate is an excellent conductor of heat. This feature can contribute to creating a temperature gradient within the terrarium, which is important for reptile thermoregulation.


The size of the package is approximately 11 lbs.


When using this substrate, it’s important to research the specific needs of the reptile species you plan to house and ensure that the substrate is appropriate for their care requirements. Providing a natural and stimulating environment can positively impact the well-being of captive reptiles and encourage their natural behaviors.


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Weight 12 lbs
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