Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro Low-Pressure System, up to 33 US Gal / 125 L – A8460


The Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro Low-Pressure System is an innovative solution for aquarium enthusiasts who want to enhance plant growth in their aquatic setups. Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro Low-Pressure System offers a secure, simple, and environmentally sustainable way to enhance plant health in your aquarium. Whether you’re a new hobbyist or an experienced aquarist, this system provides reliable CO2 delivery without needing high-pressure cylinders.

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  1. Convenient CO2 Delivery:

    • The Bio-CO2 Pro system combines the safety of biological carbon dioxide production with the convenience of pressurized delivery.
    • It involves a simple 4-step biological process for carbon dioxide production and requires less than 10 minutes per month to maintain.
    • The system utilizes sustainable raw materials: sugar and yeast, which are renewable and environmentally friendly.
  2. Safe Low-Pressure Operation:

    • Unlike traditional high-pressurized CO2 systems (which operate at 55-80 bar / 800-1100 psi), the Bio-CO2 Pro operates at a safe low pressure of 1.3 bar / 19 psi.
    • The integrated pressure release valve ensures additional safety.
  3. Effective Design:

    • The Bio-CO2 Pro features top-quality stainless steel construction.
    • A 100% silicone gasket prevents CO2 escape.
    • It includes an adjustable bubble counter with a precision regulator and a nano bubble diffuser for accurate CO2 delivery.
  4. Long-Lasting Performance:

    • Each Fluval Bio-CO2 Pro model generates up to 30 days of reliable CO2 production.
    • This longevity ensures consistent plant growth without frequent maintenance.

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