Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer – 5-10 Gallon – Black



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For aquariums 20-80 L (5-20 US Gal.)
Compact. Powerful. Efficient
Effectively removes organic waste
Great for all small marine aquariums.
Adjustable Air Intake and Water Level Regulators
Bubble Trap: controls and reduces fine bubbles
Clear-View Collection Cup: removes easily for emptying and cleaning
Large Reaction Chamber: mixes air and water effectively
32-needle wheel Impeller: produces optimal bubble size 
Versatile Mounting Options
Easy to Install
Modular design allows full and easy access for maintenance and cleaning
Color: Black
Size: 8 x 8 x 26 cm




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Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer – 5-10 Gallon – Black


The Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer is a compact and powerful device designed for small marine aquariums ranging from 5 to 10 gallons in size. It is specifically built to effectively remove dissolved organic compounds and other harmful substances from the aquarium water before they can break down into nitrogenous waste, which can be detrimental to the inhabitants of the aquarium.

One of the notable features of this protein skimmer is its large reaction chamber, which facilitates efficient mixing of air and water. This mixing process helps to strip organic waste from water molecules effectively. Additionally, the skimmer utilizes a unique 32-needle wheel impeller, which produces bubbles of the optimal size for maximum protein collection.



Here are some key features and components included with the Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer:


Adjustable Air Intake and Water Level Regulators: These allow you to customize the skimmer’s performance according to your specific needs.

Bubble Trap: The skimmer includes a bubble trap that controls and reduces the presence of fine bubbles in the aquarium.

Clear-View Collection Cup: The collection cup is easily removable for convenient emptying and cleaning.

Large Reaction Chamber: The skimmer’s reaction chamber effectively mixes air and water to facilitate the removal of organic waste.

Versatile Mounting Options: The skimmer offers various mounting options for easy installation.

Easy Maintenance: The modular design of the skimmer allows for full and easy access, making maintenance and cleaning a hassle-free process.

The Fluval Sea Mini Protein Skimmer comes in a sleek black color and has dimensions of 8 x 8 x 26 cm.



The package includes the following components:


Adjustable air intake valve: Helps control the amount of air entering the skimmer.

Collection cup: Collects the removed organic waste for easy disposal.

Collection cup lid: Covers and secures the collection cup.

Water level control valve: Allows you to adjust the water level inside the skimmer.

Foam bubble trap: A component that aids in controlling and reducing the presence of bubbles.

Front housing and rear housing: The main housing units of the skimmer.

Impeller cover: Protects the impeller and ensures proper functioning.

Pump: The device includes a pump that drives the skimmer’s operation.

Impeller: Generates the necessary water and air mixture for efficient waste removal.

Power cord: Supplies power to the skimmer.

Suction cups: Used for mounting and securing the skimmer in place.

Housing clip for mounting options: Enables different mounting configurations.

Hanging bracket: Provides an alternative mounting option.

Housing clip: Used for attaching the skimmer to a desired location.

Hanging bracket with lock: Ensures secure hanging of the skimmer.

Air intake tube: Allows air to enter the skimmer for the mixing process.


These components work together to create an efficient protein skimming process in your aquarium, promoting water quality and the overall health of your marine inhabitants.





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