Zeus Spark Tug Ball with Flashing LED – Red – Small – 5 Inch



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Multi-color flashing LED allows for extended play
Great for nighttime activities
Textured, translucent TPR
With handle
Multi-colored rope for interactive fun



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Zeus Spark Tug Ball with Flashing LED – Red – Small – 5 Inch


The Zeus Spark Tug Ball with Flashing LED is a small dog toy designed to engage and excite your furry friend. Here are its key features:


Multi-color flashing LED: The ball is equipped with a flashing LED light that activates upon impact, adding an element of surprise and excitement to playtime. This feature makes it suitable for nighttime activities, allowing you and your dog to continue playing even after the sun goes down.

Textured, translucent TPR: The ball is made from a durable and textured translucent Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) material. This material provides a good grip and chew resistance, making it suitable for interactive play with your dog.

With handle: The Spark Tug Ball comes with a handle, making it easy for you to hold and control during playtime. The handle adds versatility to the toy and allows you to engage in games like tug-of-war with your dog.

Multi-colored rope: Additionally, the toy features a multi-colored rope that adds to the interactive fun. Dogs often enjoy playing with rope toys as they can be chewed, tugged, and thrown around, adding variety to the play experience.


Overall, the Zeus Spark Tug Ball with Flashing LED is designed to entertain and stimulate your dog’s curiosity, making it an enjoyable toy for both daytime and nighttime activities at the dog park or in your backyard.




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